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We are home to two dozen unique artists and creators from endless mediums.

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Founded in 2017 as Prism Images, we are officially relaunching as PRISM Collaborative Group in 2019. Still based in Brooklyn, New York, we built a reputation as an apparel brand and strive to grow in the visual arts – we have decided to expand our scope from that first phase into our new, broad vision – an open and welcoming group for all creative artists in multiple disciplines, creating a united media reputation and singular organization.

As outlined on our new website, prismcollaborative.com, PRISM is now 5 major sectors:

  • PRISM Productions
  • PRISM Representation
  • PRISM Images
  • PRISM Sound
  • PRISM Media

These major sectors also include other brands and projects, such as the future return of PRISM Images’ Prism Apparel brand and the development of PRISM Media’s online publication PrismMag. There are many more ideas and details to outline and define in the coming time, but we are ready to start the journey now.

As always, PRISM is open to any and all artists from any discipline, without a resumé or portfolio needed. We are specifically also looking for up-and-coming writers or bloggers to become a part of PrismMag. Anyone interested is encouraged to fill out our Member application, and read our Members page for more information.

As Curator, I want to make PRISM a reality for as many others as I can. The magic that comes from free range, natural collaboration is something that is unmatched. Whether you join us as a member or follow us as fans, I hope you can join us in making this a reality for all and enjoy our reemergence.

Glad to be back,

Juwan Holmes – Curator

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