The Renaissance Gains Its First 1,000 Readers

The PRISM Collaborative is excited to reveal that its first digital zine site, The Renaissance Project, has attracted readers to view their stories over 1,000 times since its launch on August 11, 2019 (our first official report, “The Importance of Artist Identity”, was published on August 13).

Statistics provided by Medium reveal in first 18 days of operation, approximately 823 unique readers have viewed pages of The Renaissance over 1,050 times, spending an approximate 2,400 minutes in total – leading to an average readership of 28 people spending 3 minutes per day on our hard work. When “JAY Z’s Latest Problem: Performative Activism” was published on August 15, we accumulated 750 minutes of readership from 245 unique viewers by the end of the day. While this story is our most read to date, our other articles (“Artist Identity”, “The Album Sucks – Admit It” and “Yes, Lizzo is A Rapper. She’s Always Been”) have also been viewed over 300 times. Medium also estimates that 30.5% of visitors to The Renaissance have read our articles in full.

So far, the work of The Renaissance is the product of the hard work of Editorial Revolutionary-in-Chief Juwan J. Holmes and Lieutenant of Editorial Affairs Paul K. Barnes. In addition to these four articles, Holmes has also published the original, unedited editions of the Humans of Hip Hop photojournalist series in its entirety, as well as The Renaissance Manifesto” explaining the mission of the publication. In addition to articles focused on JAY-Z and Lizzo, we have also focused on acclaimed independent artists such as Mylo MU, Yoh, Bernell and Mildred. The Renaissance‘s work has already been featured extensively across Medium, in weekly roundup and on the front pages of sections such as Music, Culture, Sports, Social Justice, Rap and more.

The Renaissance is currently a completely volunteer-only project and is exclusively published on the online publishing platform Medium. With Medium, our readers will be able to access our work easier and further engage with our contributors and publication as a whole. You can read a limited amount of articles, and for as little as $5/month you can become a member, receiving unlimited access to our publications and several more, including our sister publications FIFTY54 and PRISM MAG.

From its manifesto, The Renaissance Project – Rap and Hip Hop’s Progressive Publication is ” provide[s] insight and nuance that those that are truly hip hop can appreciate, while holding itself according to [an] exemplary journalistic standard.” The Renaissance, along with other PRISM Media publications, are always looking for more writers and contributors. You can learn more about the project and apply to write for us here on the PRISM website. You can also follow The Renaissance on Twitter (@HipHopProgress), Facebook (The Renaissance), and Instagram (@prismrenaissance), and of course on their home:


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