PRISM Welcomes The Little Live Story Podcast

PRISM Sound is the section of the PRISM Collaborative that houses all of our music and audio-related projects, including podcasts. We are happy to announce that we have our first podcast within the group with Little Live Story. The Podcast’s co-hosts and producers, Jared Chontow and Eric Eghigian, have joined our cooperative as members, and they will continue to produce and release Little Live Story as is with PRISM’s assistance and support.

Little Live Story is a storytelling podcast where two friends – Jared, with 200 days of pure anime watching time, and Eric, a filmmaker with a DVD collection of 1,300 – challenge one another to take an anime and re-imagine it as a feature film, and a feature film and re-imagine it as an anime, and describe it for the listener. So far the pair have released 4 episodes featuring 5 pairs of stories, ranging from Dragon Ball Z to Squid-Girl to First Blood. You can hear all of these episodes and follow for future episodes on Soundcloud now, and keep up with them on Twitter as well.

We hope this is the first of many more high-quality podcasts to come to PRISM Sound, which to date already includes a planned Sin City Radio return.

Listen to Little Live Story now:

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