Join Us at our Karaoke Night at the Freelancers Hub!

We love announcing new events – especially when they’re completely FREE!

The PRISM Collaborative is partnering with the Freelancers Hub to present…KARAOKE NIGHT! It all goes down on Thursday, February 20, between 6PM and 9PM. We’re excited to bring together our communities and help to build some lasting relationships. Come sing (or don’t, that’s cool too), get a drink, and enjoy a break from the chaotic world with us as we vibe to music, some on-key, but some off-key too!

And no, you don’t have to pay A THING! All we ask is that you RSVP on the Freelancers Hub’s website. As. Soon. As. Possible. Like, right now right now. Like, you’re already late to doing it because you’re still reading this, now.

RSVP Here:

If you have any questions are concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us or the Freelancers Hub at

The PRISM Collaborative is a Brooklyn, New York-based Collaborative Arts + Apparel effort by artists, for artists. We unify individuals of several disciplines or talents into a cooperative where it is possible for them to achieve and dream the impossible, together or individually.

Freelancers Hub is operated by Freelancers Union in partnership with the Made in New York Media Center by IFP and the Mayor’s Office of Media & Entertainment.

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