You can now join PRISM’s Open Slack community. Yes, you!

We know the value of community – and in the trying times many of us have found ourselves in recently, community can’t be overvalued. PRISM values itself first and foremost on its ability to bring people together.

In that spirit, the PRISM Collaborative is making our Slack community open to any and all creatives. No questions asked. No qualification or requirements necessary. All we will ask you for is your name, email address, one website or social media site with your profile, and the Slack channels you’d like to be in. We also ask your age, as you must be age 18 or older to join the chat.

You do not have to be members of PRISM to take part, but you are more than welcome to apply to be a member, and you’ll be sharing our Slack with current and previous members. Certain channels will remain only for members.

Our rules are simple and synonymous with the community guidelines our members operate from: All participants come to our space intent to support their peers, that nothing from the Slack is publicly shared (and similarly, that all participants should assume that anything they share can be made public), and everyone treats everyone respectfully. Participants can be removed anytime at the discretion of PRISM members.

Here are the list of channels we already have available, and more will be created at our discussion:

Open Channels (Can be seen or joined by any member of the Slack):

  • #Adult-ish – A room for us adults! To talk like adults!
  • #Boardroom – Channel for all administrative-related issues.
  • #FightToWrite – Channel dedicated for our #FightToWrite Initiative.
  • #Film – Movies! Videos! Cinema! Discussion about such things. We won’t actually film the channel, promise.
  • #Freelance – For those of us get to work on our own accord yet are somehow underpaid!
  • #Images – Channel dedicated to the PRISM Images + Apparel section.
  • #Media – Channel dedicated to the PRISM Media section.
  • #Members – A room you can share with all members of PRISM!
  • #Nightclub – A room just for the overnighters and nocturnal people.
  • #Open – A room open for everyone and any topic.
  • #Opportunities – A channel to share creative opportunities!
  • #Photographers – A channel for photographers or to discuss photographers. Groundbreaking!
  • #Productions – Channel dedicated to the PRISM Productions section.
  • #Random – Randomness. RANDOMNESS!
  • #Renaissance – Channel dedicated to PRISM Media’s The Renaissance Project.
  • #Sound – Channel dedicated to the PRISM Sound section.
  • #TLGBQ2 – The channel for all non-cisgender, non-heterosexual, and/or queer-identifying people.

Private Channels (Not seen and cannot be joined by every member of the Slack):

  • #Back2Black – A room for Black people and people of the African diaspora.
  • #Curators-room – A chat for specific participants, created by Juwan the Curator.
  • #Non-Euro – A room for all minorities, indigenous, and non-European identifying people.
  • #Brain-Trust, Members-only – Channels that remain only for members and founding members of PRISM.

Use the form below to express your interest and let us know you want to be added to our community. Please give us up to two weeks to accept your request, and we will reach out if we cannot add you to our community. Alternatively, you can email us at

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