About Us

The PRISM Collaborative Group

620 Wilson Avenue #264
Brooklyn, NY 11207


The PRISM Collaborative is a Brooklyn, New York-based Collaborative Arts + Apparel effort by artists, for artists. We unify individuals of several disciplines or talents into a cooperative where it is possible for them to achieve and dream the impossible, together or individually.

We were founded as Prism Images + Apparel – PRISM’s first phase in 2017, and now the Collaborative consists of 5 major sectors:

  • PRISM Productions, focused on video, television, film, and performance arts production;
  • PRISM Representation, dedicated to event planning, talent management and publicity;
  • PRISM Images + Apparel, our visual arts, photography, fashion and apparel section;
  • PRISM Sound, our group for all audio, podcast and music related creativity; and
  • PRISM Media, Including PRISM Mag, Fifty54, and The Renaissance – consisting of our creative writing, journalism, multimedia, poetry, and publishing divisions.


Get the answer to your many questions over at our Frequently Asked Questions Page!



yin/YANG Shirts

PRISM Apparel consist of the founding products of PRISM – namely, the original yin/YANG design found all across our Apparel. Our apparel products are designed direct-to-garment almost exclusively on Bella+CANVAS material, a unique American-made brand of eco-friendly, comfortable material. We try to offer unisex or genderless optional apparel when possible, in sizes ranging from Extra Small to 4X Large. All of our products are designed by or dedicated to our members. View our E-Store on Storenvy here and our return announcement here.


PRISM Mag is the official and first publication of the PRISM Collaborative. This will be a monthly released thematic magazine published via Print, Medium and our website. View our already available work here.


Fifty54 Mag

FIFTY54 Mag began with a question: Why is it so hard for black writers and creatives to get published in magazines?

Our founders sought to change that, to create a space where even the most novice of black writers and journalists are published alongside the more seasoned ones.  We believe in spreading opportunities and love like wildfire here at FIFTY54, and we use our name to remember our mission for black writers and creatives. The FIFTY is a nod to the 50 states of America, and a nod to the “American Dream” of opportunity and prosperity. The 54 is a nod to the 54 unique and beautiful countries of Africa where we all as black people and as humans originated. It helps us remember where we are from, where we’ve been, and dutifully where we are going. Learn more about FIFTY54 here.


The PRISM Collaborative, specifically PRISM Representation, will manage, sponsor and produce a varying multitude of events, at least one a month. If you would like for us to help you produce an event, contact us on our contact page. View past PRISM Events here.

The Renaissance

The Renaissance is designed to show you that world, mirroring the universe that defines this huge culture with the people living in it, their words, and their image. We look to capture hip hop’s population in the midst of their Sista Soulja moment. We will provide insight and nuance that those that are truly hip hop can appreciate, while holding itself according to exemplary journalistic standard.

The Renaissance— Rap and Hip Hop’s Progressive Publication is a project of PRISM Media, a section within the PRISM Collaborative, and it will be a daily digital zine on Medium beginning production this fall, in recognition of the 40- and 46-year marks of hip hop. As of now, all aspects of production will be managed by the PRISM Collaborative, led editorially by Juwan Holmes (Genius, Fifty54, Bustle, etc), a co-founder of the Humans of Hip Hop series. It will be anchored by the PhotoView, an innovative journalistic method which reproduces conversation with intriguing individuals alongside handpicked photography taken concurrently with the interview. View our Manifesto here and our introduction announcement here.

Our Members

We are home to two dozen unique artists and creators from endless mediums.

Learn more about who’s already here, and how you can join here – Members Page