Frequently Asked Questions:

What Actually is PRISM? I don’t get it.

  • In layman’s terms, PRISM is an open club welcoming any and everybody (no really, any and everybody) willing to work with others and go further as a collective. We made these simplified graphics to explain better:

Who Designed The PRISM Logo(s)?

The PRISM Logo was illustrated by Tawan Holmes, and designed/edited by Evie Maldonaldo.

Our Yin/YANG logo, conceptualized by Juwan Holmes and designed by Christian Clouden.

The yin/YANG Logo was conceptualized by Juwan Holmes and designed by Christian Clouden of Cosmos Apex Apparel.

Who is part of, and who can be part of Prism?

  • Membership of The PRISM Collaborative is open to participation from any artist or creator of any medium that welcomes collaboration, creativity and diversity. Visit our membership application here.
  • All members of PRISM have their own page on the PRISM Collaborative website. View more about membership here.

Why is it “Collaborative”?

  • We are known as the PRISM Collaborative for many reasons:
    • The ultimate mission of PRISM is to foster collaboration and unity, and create work thanks to that mission.
    • We are a co-operative federation of democratic, self-managed enterprises. That means it is entirely constructed, operated, and owned equally by each member of PRISM. Members, no matter their designation, do not have any power, privilege, or otherwise advantage over other members. We all share equal or reasonably equitable portions of the Collaborative.
    • We want to be known as a group that is open to working alongside any and everyone instead of competing with them.

What is a cooperative?

  • Cooperatives (or co-operatives) are member-owned and controlled groups, where power is distributed equitably amongst members and not available for capital gain by anyone outside of the group. We strive to prevent our members from being exploitable or taken advantage of as much as possible, and so being a cooperative allows us not to be bought and betray our members for financial gain.
  • From the Malta Co-operative Federation: “Cooperatives are based on the values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity. In the tradition of their founders, cooperative members believe in the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others.”
  • Read more about cooperatives at Maltacooperativefederation.coop.

Why should I become a PRISM Member?

  • Being a PRISM Members come with many different benefits, such as:
    • Experience – We know firsthand how hard it is to get experience in the arts. So many mediums require so many prerequisites before you can even ‘work’ in that area, and even if you find work that doesn’t desire experience, it’s likely some under form of exploitative, unfair work agreement. Being a member of PRISM, you can gain experience working on your projects or others’ without being taken advantage of by well-funded corporations, gatekeepers or programs.
    • Exposure – Members are exposed to more of their peers, unknown or recognized, as we take away some of the obstacles collaborators normally face when working with others. Members also receive unquestioned promotion of their brand and work, in addition to having an organization backing them.
    • Expression – PRISM not only welcomes, but encourages diverse creativity and any form of expression. That expression shouldn’t be censored or limited under any circumstances.
    • Independence – We want our artists and creator to value and reap the benefits of being a part of our organization while maintaining their individuality.
    • Understanding – Being an artist entails enough challenging obstacles, and the purpose of a member of PRISM is to assist our Artists and Creators going through them. Creativity is complex, but being surrounding by other open-minded artists who are more likely to comprehend your ideas eases things. An actual prism refracts light waves in new, varying directions, and we want to do the same with visions at PRISM Collaborative.
  • For more about membership, visit our Members page.
  • To apply, click here.

What arts must you practice to be a PRISM Member?

  • Our five sections focus on specific forms of art or creation – film, video, photography, visual arts, audio, music, creative writing and journalism – we welcome artists and creators of any medium. Whatever you consider art, so do we. You are not required to be involved in a specific craft to be a part of Prism.

What are the actual requirements of PRISM?

  • We have a minimum set of non-negotiable requirements for members here:
    • Minimum Age of 16
    • Must have an e-mail address
    • Have at least 3 methods of communication. Acceptable methods include (but are not limited to): E-mail address, Phone number, physical address, social network, internet messaging service, chat application(s) and/or text/video chat services.
    • Members are required to attend or otherwise participate in one (1) PRISM or PRISM-affiliated event/meeting every two months.
    • Enjoy being part of PRISM. Do not treat the Collaborative as just an obligation.
    • No discrimination of any form against anyone
  • If you would like to be part of PRISM but can’t meet these requirements, please contact us via our contact form.
  • There may be additional requirements or agreements that members agree upon and adhere to that are not listed here.

I want to write for a PRISM Media Publication!

  • Being a member of PRISM is the easiest way to guarantee you can write for us, but if you want to just submit your pitch or completed piece to us you are more than welcome to! Complete our form here if you want to write for PRISM Mag, FIFTY54, and/or The Renaissance Project.

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