The PRISM Collaborative Group

620 Wilson Avenue #264
Brooklyn, NY 11207

Please note: To contact a member of PRISM, please refer to their member page first for best contact information. Also, if you are a perspective member, please refer to our Members page before applying to the contact form below this one. This form is for contact purposes only. If you have a question, refer to our FAQ page first – if not answered there, you may use the form there or at the bottom of this page.


Additionally, you can fill out our PRISM Contact Google form here.

PRISM Media Writer Applicants – Apply Here

PRISM Member Application

Welcome to our member inquiry form. The PRISM Collaborative is curated as an organization open to membership and participation from anyone. Our only requirements for artists are that they welcome collaboration, creativity and diversity and have an email, phone or social media account. Feel free to also submit via our Google Form here or by contact form/email.

NOTE: If You Are A Brand or Business, please email us directly at . If you are not a brand/business, you may continue.

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