Member Application

If you are looking to write for PRISM or a PRISM-related publication:

We still encourage you to apply, as being a member of PRISM is the easiest way to guarantee you can write for us, but if you want to just submit your pitch or completed piece you are more than welcome to! subMit Here.

PRISM Member Application

Welcome to our member inquiry form. The PRISM Collaborative is curated as an organization open to membership and participation from anyone. Our only requirements for artists and creators are that they welcome collaboration, creativity and diversity; and have an email, phone or social media account. Feel free to also submit by contact form/email.

First, know that while we have five major sections of PRISM, we accept artists or creators regardless of their medium or how they are labeled. We use these sections to manage where artists and creators best identify within the group and our projects. These are the five sections:

  • Productions, focused on video, television, film, and performance arts production
  • Representation, dedicated to event planning, talent management and publicity
  • Images, including PRISM Apparel – our visual arts, photography, fashion and apparel section
  • Sound, including Sin City Radio – our group for all audio, podcast and music related creativity
  • Media, including PRISM Mag, Fifty54 Mag, and The Renaissance – consisting of our creative writing, journalism, multimedia, poetry, and publishing divisions.

We also ask in advance that you have read what membership entails from PRISM’s Members page, you’re a minimum of 16 years old in the year you apply and you understand that we have membership dues to operate PRISM. We attempt to keep dues affordable, and can guarantee that they are always less than $30.

If you are financially disadvantaged or fear you cannot commit to the dues every month, we still would like you to apply! Simply note this in your application.


If you have more questions, get many of their answers over at our Frequently Asked Questions Page!

NOTE: If You Are A Brand or Business, please email us directly at . If you are not a brand/business, you may continue.