We are Creators. We are masters. We are builders. All for the world around you. The graphics in that ad, or that photo saved on your phone, or that quote hanging on your wall – we’re responsible for it. We’re not the gatekeepers of our fields, we are the field.

And when we’re not crafting things around us, we need a place for all of us to call our own. Somewhere where we can unite, protect, grow. Not just a seat at a table, but a home of our own. Not just a vivid dream, but a manifested reality. Simply put, an alliance…a partnership…a universe, for us.

That is PRISM. Welcome.


PRISM Collaborative is curated and founded by Juwan Holmes, a multipotentialite passionate in many fields.

I Do Everything. You?


Chantel K. Watts

Writer, Educator & Public Speaker

Founder, Fifty54 Magazine / Executive Wordsmith, PRISM Media

“The most important thing to me is to always radiate love.”

Meeks – Photographer

‘They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but to me, the story is endless’



PRISM Members are creators that organize together to combine our abilities and help one another, rather than competing with each other for resources and opportunities. While members can and should maintain our individual brands, members benefit from collectively gathering and collaborating together, so they can further grow their abilities and the reach of their content. We are a cooperative federation – meaning each member is an equal part of the group and ownership over their work cannot be bought. 

Our Featured Member: Lee Danielle

Lee is a Make-up and Special Effects Artist, Painter, Poet, and Creator of the Hennybody Can Paint events, a unique paint-and-sip event from Harlem, New York.

Current Members


Founding Members:


  • Jared Chontow
  • Eric Eghigian
  • Na’fee Banks
  • Adam O. Anderson

Can I Become A PRISM Member? How?

The PRISM Collaborative welcomes ANYONE as a member, regardless of background, experience, or location. However, we are New York-based and our five collective groups are dedicated to the visual arts and apparel, film, event production, talent representation, publicity, audio production and music, creative writing, journalism, and publishing. Our only requirements are that our prospective members have an email, number or social media account, and are accepting of collaboration, creativity and diversity.

Ready to Join? APPLY NOW!

Alternatively, you can also click here and fill out our Google Form. We will contact you within 7 days about your application.


PRISM Members receive…

  • Discounts – 25% off items from PRISM Store.
  • Your own Members Page on PRISM Website, and ability to publish on PRISM Mag
  • Free or Discounted Access to Events
  • Promotion and Advertising of your work
  • A selected Collaborator to help you work toward your goal, and vice versa
  • Help Building your Portfolio
  • Extended Network of artists and creators
  • Access to financial or material Support of your work

PRISM Members gain…

  • Experience – We know firsthand how hard it is to get experience in the arts. So many mediums require so many prerequisites before you can even ‘work’ in that area, and even if you find work that doesn’t desire experience, it’s likely some under form of exploitative, unfair work agreement. Being a member of PRISM, you can gain experience working on your projects or others’ without being taken advantage of by well-funded corporations, gatekeepers or programs.
  • Exposure – Members are exposed to more of their peers, unknown or recognized, as we take away some of the obstacles collaborators normally face when working with others. Members also receive unquestioned promotion of their brand and work, in addition to having an organization backing them.
  • Expression – PRISM not only welcomes, but encourages diverse creativity and any form of expression. That expression shouldn’t be censored or limited under any circumstances.
  • Independence – We want our artists and creator to value and reap the benefits of being a part of our organization while maintaining their individuality.
  • Opportunities – Members have a chance at offers that previously seemed out of reach, while they can reach out and find a assorted pool of candidates for their own opportunities.
  • Progress – We will dedicate all available resources to help members grow and advance their careers, and by working together, members will provide one another with the skill sets and tools to adapt, learn, and achieve.
  • Understanding – Being an artist entails enough challenging obstacles, and the purpose of a member of PRISM is to assist our Artists and Creators going through them. Creativity is complex, but being surrounding by other open-minded artists who are more likely to comprehend your ideas eases things. An actual prism refracts light waves in new, varying directions, and we want to do the same with visions at PRISM Collaborative.

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