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There is currently one publication in production under PRISM Media.

The Renaissance Project

The Renaissance is designed to show you that world, mirroring the universe that defines this huge culture with the people living in it, their words, and their image. We look to capture hip hop’s population in the midst of their Sista Soulja moment. We provide insight and nuance that those that are truly hip hop can appreciate, while holding itself according to exemplary journalistic standard.

The Renaissance— Rap and Hip Hop’s Progressive Revolutionary Publication is a project of PRISM Media, a section within the PRISM Collaborative, and is currently a digital zine on Medium publishing since August 2019. All aspects of production are managed by the PRISM Collaborative, led editorially by Juwan Holmes (Genius, Fifty54, LGBTQ Nation, etc), a co-founder of the Humans of Hip Hop series, and Paul K. Barnes (Black & Gifted, Glosse Mag, MUSTARD). View our Manifesto here and follow our work over on Medium.

Submitting A Pitch, Idea, or non-written content to The Renaissance.

  • The Renaissance Project is a digital Medium publication focused on a revolutionary approach to hip hop and hip-hop related topics. We will be accepting pitches via the form below or via email, prismrenaissance (at symbol) gmail (dot) com. We currently accept pitches that are ideas of articles providing analysis, commentary, reviews and/or retrospectives.
  • The topic of your idea should be anything even slightly related to rap music and/or hip hop music, dance, or the culture of rap/hip hop otherwise. While we welcome all voices and perspectives, we prioritize anticapitalist, critical, countercultural, and/or alternative ideas and perspectives; we hope for writers from marginalized identities or underrepresented communities to find a home here.
  • The angle of your perspective or opinion on your topic can vary, as long as that doesn’t get in the way of the facts, ever. We welcome your takes that are critical, reactionary, whiny, and/or bitchy, as long as you maintain your (and our) journalistic integrity.
  • To write for The Renaissance, we ask that you are a Medium user (or create a Medium.com account) and are willing to accept payment via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or CashApp.
  • Please note that The Renaissance is a currently a self-sustained and self-funded publication, so while we do pay for any work you potentially produce with us, we want to be upfront about our limits and make clear that we’re not able to accept every idea we want – yet.
  • Our current pay rate for articles is $0.10/word, and when we accept work it is at a predetermined and agreed suggested word count, no less than approximately 150 words (at $15) and at a current cap of approximately 750 words (at $75).
  • We attempt to send payment within 7 days of, and no later than 14 days after, acceptance of your work (this means when your pitch is accepted and you submit your draft, not publication). However, as we are still attempting to secure consistent funding, we may unfortunately take more time to pay than anticipated. Regardless, under no circumstances will it take more than 30 days beyond the date of submission to pay for any work procured in The Renaissance.
  • Because we can only pay so much, we actively encourage users to sign up for the Medium Partner Program, which allows contributors on the website to further monetize their work and earn directly based on a metric determined by Medium. In our experience, this pays literal pennies – but there are several instances of significant payouts and we want writers to maximize their earnings in every way possible. Being in the Partner Program does put your work behind the Medium-generated paywall, which limits a Medium visitor’s ability to read articles in full unless they are a Medium member. Alternatively, Medium does provide “friend” links that allow you to share the article while bypassing the paywall, and we also share these links in our weekly newsletter for subscribers.
  • We are not currently accepting pitches for features, interviews, or profiles. While we hope to in the near future and will be producing content in these categories on our own, we are trying to procure the necessary funds to adequately compensate writers/creators that will contribute to this work. When we do accept or commission features, they will pay a minimum of $100 for more than 750 words.
  • Know that pitching or sending content, completed or otherwise, does not guarantee publishing. Our publication has deadlines, themes, and editorial standards to abide by. Simply sending your content does not guarantee that we’ll use it, but as long as you follow our guidelines and we have the ability to pay for it, we will fairly consider it.
  • Wait a given period to hear back from us. We hope to get back to you by the next day, but the reality is we could take weeks to come around to your pitch. Most of our editors are volunteering their additional time and effort to ensure that we correspond with and evaluate all perspective writers, so please keep that in mind. Under typical conditions, we should get back to you in about 2-4 business days.
  • All the rights to written work published in The Renaissance is entirely retained by the writer 30 days after publication. This means writers are welcome to remove, republish, and/or reuse their work for any reason, as long as they contact us letting us know of their decision and allowing us adequate time to adjust.

Other Publications will be coming soon from PRISM Media. Stay tuned for those new outlets and how you can be part of them!

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